Friday, October 14, 2011

a relaxing getaway...

partridge in a pear tree

this is one of my Christmas cards this year.
i painted it in the relaxing free time i had yesterday.

we have been on school holidays the past couple of weeks. 
i decided to have a holiday of my own, alone, with no-one.
it was great.
i booked myself into a hotel in the city. 
only 20minutes from my house,
but it could have been another city in another country.
i had a king bed.
i could lie on it reach out in star-fashion and not touch the edges.
it had a big spa, that my whole family could have fit in.
but they were not there.
and a big telly. room service.
fluffy white towels & robe. 
i was there only 19hours, yet it felt like days. 
i relaxed in rose scented bubbles.
drank tonnes of herbal tea.
and slept.
i was not called Mum once.
no one burst into my space or time to find something for them or to feed them.
i say to all you people who know what i am talking about  "do it".
i went on this site to find a discounted price, so it was even a bargain.
the best part was i wanted to run home.
i missed my family.
i look forward to being called, needed and of service to those i hold dearest in my heart.
i needed the reminder, that to have my family makes me so very blessed.
i am recharged to paint another day.

sparkle & twirl 


Teena said...

fabo painting ... well done on the bubble bath ... love ya

Bev said...

how lovely for you's quite necessary to do such things to keep your sanity while raising a family!