Monday, September 26, 2011

happy for my friend....

my friend had a review of her blog, and it was great. you can hear it here.
i knew her site & message were wonderful, hopefully now a few more people know it too.
here i am spreading the good word.
so if you want to feel connected, find some faith, courage and 
good old fashioned story telling visit my friend over at Teena's blogspot.

Also, she has made some art work to share here and here.

like Teena always says, "be a blessing". 
i think if you can't be one then seek one out. 

sparkle & twirl


Teena said...

my heart is smiling because you are the bestest ... and what wise words ... "if you can't be one then seek one out." ... may your day sprinkle and sparkle with blessings ... love ya

Juliette Crane said...

wonderful! thank you so much for sharing :)