Monday, December 13, 2010


birthdays come every year.
some are called big ones.
i have just had one of these.
it was grand.

this much i know is true....

1. i am loved
2. i like turning 40
3. maturity must be setting in, as 20 and 30 had me resisting with my whole body...
4. i am blessed
5. there were 38 people with me to celebrate ( i will say 40 as my kids are always with me even when they can't be at the grown up cocktail party)
6. i received wonderful gifts from such generous friends and family
7. i am a lucky duck
8. i think the world is now spinning just a little bit faster
9. it is very hard to put all your favourite music onto an ipod for a 6hr party (what about the other 12hours that i like?)
10. vanilla & chocolate cupcakes suit everyone
11. writing the speech in my head every night b4 i went to sleep meant that when i sat down to write it it was easier
12. it was easier to give a speech when most of the emotion was left at home
13. i am very grateful to the relationships in my life
14. it was a hot night with colourful balcony views
15. fireworks make any night truly magic
16. i am challenged by making lists
17. i know more at 40 but still feel a lot like that 17year old version of myself
18. i love love, kissing and gazing into my beloved's eyes
19. we must travel, around the world, to our own hearts, it doesn't matter where, only that we go...
20. i still have a friend from kindergarten, the street i grew up in and some from high school
21. family is important, sometimes heart wrenching, but necessary
22. life is not like in the movies, very often...
23. faith & hope can be tricky
24. i am a learner, a seeker of knowledge
25. christmas can start after my birthday
26. Let go, let God
27. some stories never end
28. i am often surprised
29. laughter is the best sound, a smile is laughter to your eyes
30. remember to love, forgive, communicate and love even more
31. sorrow will come, but thats ok too
32. celebrate every chance you get, especially the ordinary moments
33. having a child is the most wonderful and heartbreaking thing i have had the opportunity to do in my life, twice
34. i am a mother and i help make miracles
35. life can make you tired
36. friends are for reasons, seasons and lifetimes. i feel fortunate to have had every one.
37. i am creative, hard working and playful
38. i have dreams...
39. look for sparkle everywhere, twirl when an opportunity arises...
40. tomorrow is another day...



Anonymous said...

... bon magnificent ... what a wonderful celebration Ms 40 ... and i agree laughter is the best sound ... here's to the next 40 years ...

Heather said...

Happy 40th birthday. You are at the best time of your life right now. Don't let it sneak past you. Savor it. Live it. Feel it.

Bev said...

happy birthday to you, beautiful friend...your party sounds like it was fabulous. i love, love your list. i can relate to a lot of it. i am 57, and i can tell you that it just keeps on getting better.
love and hugs...