Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Philosophers come in all sizes....

i work in the kitchen at my kids school. i was having a grumbly kind of morning. walking through the school yard at recess i was asked by a group of grade 7 boys if they could ask me a question. feeling grouchy i was expecting them to be cheeky. but instead i got:
"do you think God is a man or a woman?"
i replied, "that is a very interesting question...."
they agreed, and as i turned to walk away i asked,"why does God have to have a gender?"
"yeah", i could hear them say.
then i heard the discussion continue with,"well first we have to determine that God exists..."
i walked away with a big smile, a grateful heart and confirmation that God does dwell in us all.

But gee-whizz, these kids are 11 maybe 12 and this is what they talk about at school?!
love that philosophical debate is happening mid week here with the tween set.

sparkle & twirl


Teena said...

... hopefully someone encourages their conversations to grow ... along with their abilities to be the best they can be ...

Kaili said...

That's is so awesome :) Made me smile too!

Bev said...

well, that is very is nice to hear that kids that age even care about god!
hope you are doing well, my friend...