Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A wintery day in the burbs....

when you wake up and you know it is 2degrees (C), you really don't want to spring out of bed, do you? sunny days but deceptively freezing. now i don't mean the northern hemisphere snow and ice freezing but extremely cold never the less. frost on the shaded oval grass is lovely snowy white. we don't actually get snow here. i am quite glad for that. am not much of a snow bunny. i enjoy the change of seasons, and love the evenings after big days playing in the world, warm baths, fires, snuggly children, flannelet pyjamas, blankets, movie nights, oh and every 4 years the world cup.

my husband and i got together during the '98 world cup. my education in world football began. i was hooked. i had always been an Aussie Rules Football kinda girl. but i was converted and haven't looked back. my husband is from France and they won the '98 cup. very exciting. so 12 years on we have come a long way from those heady passionate long sleepless nights. but world cup (and a new relationship) does that to you. not much sleep, lots of enthusiasm, hopes and TV viewing together. in Australia as the games are held in other parts of the world the time differences are the most unforgiving. games all through the night. men walk around the country all month in a strange sleep deprived daze. cute. this year South Africa has been a wonderful host. the extremes of this amazing land are apparent. oh the vuvuzelas, are deafening, a swarm of football wasps, relentless throughout each game!!!!!! the highs and the lows of winning and losing. deep philosophy in every game....

am "giving up the ghost" by brandi carlile in the car all day. kids and i play DREAMS really loud.

what do you love at the moment?

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