Thursday, May 27, 2010

wishes do come true.......

iv'e been doing a bit of dreaming in the last few weeks. day dreaming, talking about dreams, plotting and planning the course of dreams and how to be in my own dreams. i only just realised framing a dream without you in it is quite pointless. it becomes too hard and not dreamy like.

i look for people dreaming and living their dreams. we are all in the middle of them, on our way to them, holding back from them and collapsing into bed to make some. i love to nap, just incase a dream is waiting for me. often they can be shy and wait for you to be still and quiet long enough for them to reveal themselves to you. i am learning to be kinder and gentler with my dreams & myself.

these are some amazing women dreamers who inspire me....
denise's ladies are delightful
christine arylo and her self love studio series are gifts 4 sure

my wish for us is to wander through our inspirations daily and share whats in our hearts bravely.
now, i wish for deep, restful sleep, dreams of skipping and painting and the tinkling laughter of my children, the hearty embraces of my beloveds and carefree dreams, from which i will awaken refreshed and enthusiastic to start my day .



Bev said...

i am so happy to see you must have been dreaming an awful lot...and that's a good thing! i have dreams too...some are locked up inside, and i am learning how to let them out...even at my age.
thank you for being...

Denise Daffara said...

Hi Beautiful

I didn't know you're put me in here... I was just trying to respond to your comment on my blog and it just wouldnt work??

so nice so see your sparkly self pop up there xoxo

yess, pegs, I still love pegs, and any chance I have relatives visiting from New Zealand I ask them to please bring me a packet of Sunshine Pegs, they are the strongest best pegs I've ever found, they hold on extra tightly, and I use them to keep loads of packets closed in the pantry and fridge.

haha, I have another lovely blogging friend who gets the whole peg thing, hehe it's funny.

dreaming to doing we are Sparkly Gorgeous Girl, I hope you're feeling better

big hearted love to you
Denise xoxo