Friday, May 7, 2010

Is it cloudy where you are?

must try to remember this,
even when the fears around me make me feel like there is no point in dreaming because the hard reality is a hard reality.
how do you hold on to what you believe in, when the winds swirling around you are blowing your dreams away? Are they less important, then the hard reality stuff?
How come it is so easy to watch the dreams flying away and to get stuck in the mud? its all a bit sticky & stucky around here.
i want to learn how to hold on the strings of my balloon dreams, to believe it is worthwhile to dream, it is more real than the hard reality. i want to teach my children this, but i don't quite get it myself.


Bev said...

yes, i do feel that way dana...even at my age. it is worthwhile to dream, don't stop. opening my etsy shop has been a real test for me, i become filled with self-doubt...but i hang on to god, he told me to make art, so i'm doin' it!
be kind to yourself, be brave sweet girl!

danasparkle said...

Let go, let God.

Jen said...

I can totally relate to your blog post. It's hard to hang on to your dreams with reality always getting in the way. And I too want to make sure I teach my two girls to dream. Here's to setting a good example =)