Saturday, May 1, 2010

i just haven't met you yet.....

i love this song and it seems quite true for my life

i have made some new friends through the SARK e-course i am doing. it seems so strange. can you really get to know anyone through the ether of the internet? i never thought so. what i have found that when you put people together with a common focus, a creative focus, almost anything is possible.

i have done workshops in the past and loved the energy that shared learning created. surprisingly i feel this way through this course. the open willingness and sharing, that strangers have decided to trust one another with their scary, fragile, vulnerable bits, is truly special. it is so wonderful to share learning. when i have done any learning alone it can be so hard for family & friends to understand what is going on for you. but connecting with other people and a real sense that you are not alone is really important. i have found a sprinkling of it. i am blessed.

so much is swirling and spiraling, in my head and life. i feel tired, that eyeballs hurt kind of tired by the end of the day, but my day is so very full of creative energy. i just feel so alive. YES

i have in the last few years felt the newness of family deplete me, in someways. but now i feel i will have more to give. i'm filling my cup, letting the overflow spill over my children, husband, family & friends. i am saying YES to my life. all of it, the mess and embracing the people & all the wonderfulness just for me. i can be selfish and take all the love thrown my way. i am learning to ask for what i need, and by doing this i'm not so grumpy. fancy that. i was grumpy all the time from my own inability to know what i needed and then when i did i had no voice. so i'm singing loud and proud.....
all you need is lurve, lurve, love love, love is all you need........
i love this one too
can't go past john, ever

twinkle little stars of my life, where ever you shine, my life is brighter for your illumination

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