Friday, April 23, 2010


it says "with open hearts they decided their hearts would be entwined forever"

to mark time, remember events, celebrate grand occasions, small rituals, it is a lovely time to make wishes, new dreams and give thanks. anniversaries are necessary. milestones to mark achievements. really not done enough in these times of too full lives.

to slow down, breathe deeply and smile about what has been is a nice thing to do. i got to be still for a bit in the morning, alone with my thoughts, breakfast and phone.

i am not a solitary person, when something is important to me, i want to share, need to share, can't really keep it to myself. i like to tell everyone how i feel, how much gratitude i have for the riches in my life, but also when life is tricky i seek guidance from my most treasured friends. i am so blessed to have had a wealth of experiences but more spoilt by the people in my life. so on our 10year anniversary, watching the dvd of the wedding day, a highlight was certainly sharing the day with my besties and seeing their beauty in those electric blue dresses, dark tresses in contrast to my own blonde locks.

these are the songs:

wedding dance 1, and the second

and now i have such love, doubled to share with my children.
dinner last night with our mothers was just the best. they are such great women. i am a love bomb this week. sending some your way xoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxox


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