Sunday, February 7, 2010

Blasting from the past....

i was pleased to receive an invite to a 40th birthday party from a woman who i spent a lot of time with when i was a teenager. in the 2weeks leading up to the event i thought about our good times, looking at photos, reflecting on memories of that time. i really interested me to catch up with long lost friends from that era. we have all grown up, yet remain the same.
our essence really doesn't change very much over time. eyes stay the same. hearts are more warn. but arms were open this morning for a birthday breakfast, which celebrated a lovely person.

it is true that people are in our lives for a reason, season or lifetime. yet those parameters are not that simple. as i get older i realise people can be in your life for a lifetime, but not in a static way. and thats ok. i have grieved some friendships, as it felt like the relationship died, the person gone. however all that really happens over time is that the energy changes. the intensity reduces, contact diminishes, but the person still comes to mind every once in a while. sometimes it brings a smile. on meeting after along absence a familiarity remains.... fascinating.

life is long. one can't know everybody all the time, but you can know lots of people just for a while. so i'll sit with that, connect when the chance comes around and not fret when friends move on..... until we meet again.

to all my friends who hang in with me, hang on to what we have, and love to hang out together, thank you. what is created when we get together is great, fun, heartfelt and true. i look forward to seeing you soon, dear friend.

sparkle & twirl

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