Thursday, January 21, 2010

so much....

today i received so much. i'm lying awake, waiting for sleep. am excited, so sleep is not coming. the reason for my excitement, the first night in ages i'm reflecting on my day, and instead of spiraling toward the negatives, the disappointments, the hurts, resentments, i find myself bubbling over with joy. i am feeling the blessings of my life. my heart is full. all because i picked the right word. by choosing "receive" i am focusing on what is exchanged, received, given, there. this word re frames my thinking. for a long while now i have viewed my life from a different perspective. my focus has been on the lacking, loss, absences, frustrations and limitations. all that has not gone but i am choosing to look at the receiving end of the line. and it is fun. i'll show you.

my daughter showed me what courage looked like today. she had her 4yr old immunisations. one in each arm simultaneously. poor little poppet. she was so brave. she told me as we walked into the doctors "i feel scared about the injection, i don't want it." her helpful, reassuring big brother had just told her all bout what was about to happen in the car on the way over, in more detail than i wanted to divulge. he told her he would hold her hand if she liked. she said she would like that. and with a lollipop in hand we went in. she didn't cry. she seemed quiet proud of her self. but i told her it was ok to cry if she wanted to. she declined and finished the lollipop. she felt the pain in her arms over the day, cried a bit, but was proud of her new found bravery. "i was very brave today, wasn't i?" YES, you were my sweet girl....

my son was proud of his achievement today and was thrilled that i recognised it too. a trip to the library is a big fave for our family, we bring home a bag heaving with books. the kids love to look at the cache once home. my son is reading a new series he loves and today he read a whole novel in a day. amazing.

i really noticed my children today, their milestones and conquests. they received my praise, which meant so much to them. they gave me so much more.

i also received a lovely night out with a friend. we went to the movies and saw "up in the air". loved it. loved the music. had a great time. gratitude to my husband for enabling me to go. he is lovely and george clooney cute too. am so blessed for all that i received today.
sparkle & twirl

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