Wednesday, December 31, 2008

At the turn of the clock.....

This year is coming to an end and 2009 is waiting full of all sorts of possibilities and potential. what will be?

i give thanks to the year gone by. All the sparkling joys, oh so many 1sts, celebrations and holidays, full of wonderful memories, amazing milestones and heart filled adventures.

these past few months have been sprinkled with creative bursts and arty escapes. i have discovered the world of blogging and some amazing artists through this forum.

although the reminiscence are happy and uplifting i still struggle every day with the ordinary downs and extraordinary negativity that spirals in and around me which on occasion i find hard to untangle myself from.

with all the universal truths that i believe in and experience to be true i still get so stuck and despairing and can deny this part of myself, others and the world. crazy i know. but true.

like many women striving to balance family, small children and not losing my essence, that part which is "just" me, i have found being creative and expressing myself through my art the haven of joy and respite i need. from which, i do find balance, and i am able to more clearly leave the laundry, the dishes and sit at my computer creating images for my cards, designing and imagining many beautiful things. this makes me happy.

i am looking at things in my environment with a fresh eye. the beauty in the gardens of the women in my life have been a great starting point.

in 2009 i hope to develop the things i have begun with greater success and by learning more about how the computer applications work i will be able to put my creations into the world through this space. so stay in touch. more energy for the year ahead and may we all dive empty handed into the void before us with courage, conviction and reckless abandon. and when i get scared, as i tend to, i will remember to look for sparkles and twirl till i fall over crying or start laughing. both are great states to visit from time to time to feel grounded and out of our heads.....



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