Monday, October 20, 2008

serene fatigue

why is it that before a holiday one must work so hard to prepare?
amazingly the anticipation enables you to do all the tasks which will mean you are well prepared for anything along the way,
and have those creature comforts we love so much.
i have received txt informing me we are to dress up to the place we are going to thurs nite. ooohh what mystery.... how exciting
of course, the main creatures i'm leaving behind, my little family,
will be getting on for the 1st time with out me for 6 whole days. WOW
i love them so much but
i love that i am doing this little trip right now...
to be in the moment, a travelling spirit, adrift....
i love that
so i remind you cultivate the spirit of an adventurer
on a epic journey into this hostile, glorious, complexly simple world...
be brave
share joy
hear the ringing of little bells or birds
hope wildly
stand tall (with good posture)
breathe deeply
love truly
imagine anything
live creatively and with heaps of colour
dream dream dream dream

i send my baby jellybeans
smiles and
all things full of wonder and possibility
i give thanks to be blessed with them and you in my life
twirling off to sydney
a new adventure begins *

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