Sunday, May 20, 2012

How to paint a girl…...

I took Juliette Crane's e-course "How to paint a Girl". I have admired her style for a while now. Although i did the class months ago this week i was sick in bed and re-watched her painting. I can only highly recommend this generous lady's class.
Do yourself a favour. I'm glad i did.

I ask you is there anything more relaxing than watching someones painting process, with lovely music soundtrack and seeing the creation of a gorgeous piece? Doing your own comes close. But learning is great, too.

Although at this stage i feel like i am copying or imitating her style, i do see how inspiration, plus new technique, plus practice  helps one develop their own style. I have loved the trickiness of trying something new. Got me some new india ink gear. Love.

I once posted i couldn't do faces so i painted the backs of ladies, but i am developing some ways that i really like. Its in the eyes.

So here are some works in process……
 no faces yet

 Little Red

Swirly Joy 

 Miss Skye Blu

Miss Poppy

Miss Boufant

I have enjoyed this playing so much. It has restored me.
I look forward to more learning, finding more of me in my paintings and spreading my wings and soaring with paints.

Thanks JC.

sparkling & twirling….



Michele said...

Oh they are so so gorgeous. Swirly Joy is my fab but I love them all! I hope you are feeling better and better!

Teena said...

hey my amazing artist friend ... loving your background layers ... so true about the eyes and in some weird way the eyebrows too ... well done ... cant wait to see them in real life ... then you can give me a lesson or two. love ya